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Apex Investigations is a private detective agency with over 25 years of investigative experience operating in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We are fully bonded and licensed by the state of Oklahoma. We specialize in civil and criminal investigations, domestic issues, professional witness interviews, elder abuse investigations, background checks and asset searches. We provide services to attorneys, individuals and businesses.

About Us


Apex Investigations is dedicated to solving our client’s problems, no matter how small or how big. We perform a free initial assessment and evaluation of your case. All of our work including your identity is kept confidential throughout the entire process. We develop a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to your case needs.




Greg was professionally trained by some of the top organizations in the country with regard to conducting professional in-depth interviews. Training coupled with performing thousands of interviews has allowed him to provide clients exceptional results. We have developed a proven system of interviewing that will provide critical information in each case. We tailor the question format to each particular witness and event. Greg is a certified forensic interviewer and has testified for many victims in court as an expert witness. Greg performs a complete credibility assessment to encompass the plausibility and credibility of each witness in a final report format detailing his findings and what factors led to his conclusions. The interviews are offered in the form of an audio/visual format to be used in the client’s interest.


We conduct a complete and thorough investigation of all types of incidents. If a police investigation was already conducted, we will meticulously review all reports, documents and evidence for omissions and errors. We will do all we can to assist our client in their defense. Frequently, criminal investigations are riddled with mistakes and are not performed in a professional manner. Unfortunately, whether it’s a lack of experience, training or laziness, poor investigation practices often result in an abysmal outcome for all parties involved. We analysis all the data we uncover and provide our findings in a final report. It’s common for us to find new witnesses and undiscovered evidence beneficial for our client, once we initiate our investigation.
Legally collecting, preserving and documenting the process involved in how the evidence is obtained is crucial in any investigation. We have significant experience and training to collect and gather all forms of evidence needed for any case.
We have provided several hundred hours of expert testimony on high-profile cases and offer that service as well.


Are you concerned or think there are signs of physical or emotional abuse to your child when they are not in your care? We are exceptionally trained in this field. Our investigations can uncover various types of abuse ranging from sexual and physical abuse to neglect. This can help in a custody situation by removing a child from a dangerous situation and placing them in a safe and loving environment. Greg has extensive experience when dealing with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.


Elder abuse can affect people of all backgrounds and can affect both men and women. Abuse can happen in a variety of ways. Some of the most common forms of mistreatment are physical, sexual, neglect and financial exploitation.
Greg received hundreds of hours of training in regard to analyzing the symptoms and causes of trauma and neglect. Greg has the knowledge and skill to correctly identify various forms of inflicted abuse which would have otherwise gone unnoticed or deemed “accidental” in nature.
We will review all accessible medical records, consult with specialists, perform witness interviews and collect evidence in order to be able to assess the situation and provide my findings and recommendations.


We have located and reunited hundreds of children and adults who either didn't want to be found or who were abducted, with their loved ones. Whether trying to find a lost child, missing person or a reluctant witness, we have a proven track record and the resources to perform our mission. We have multiple exclusive databases to not only locate where a person has been and their activities, but where they are likely going. Our databases coupled with performing our field investigations research normally finds the person we are looking for.


If you are owed a debt or been awarded a judgment, we can help. The first step in collection is locating the debtor. We use our exclusive information databases, experience, specialized training and resources to find the debtor. We perform field investigations to conduct surveillance on the subject and anyone else that may lead us to what we  are looking for. When the debtor has been located we have an extremely high success rate to find hidden assets, bank accounts and employers.


We use exclusive information databases to perform civil and criminal searches. It can also include in-depth interviews of

a subject’s associates or any other person with possible knowledge of a subject’s history and behavior. Some of the records that can be discovered are the following:

  • Civil and Criminal History

  • Driving Record

  • Employment and Business Records

  • Credit Reports

  • Property and Residential History Records

  • Bankruptcies, Judgments and Liens

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