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Apex Investigations was established by Greg Clark after having spent a career as a detective with the Tulsa Police Department. Most of his was career was spent as a lead investigator investigating the most heinous of crimes. Crimes against children.

Greg always had an unwavering belief that each victim deserved the best he could do on each and every case. Day or night, he would respond at a moment's notice, to a hospital or a crime scene without hesitation. Whether responding to a homicide, sexual assault or locating a missing or abducted child, he believed each case deserved his individual attention.
Much of that time was spent working with other agencies, including medical professionals and prosecutors in a multidisciplinary facility known as the Children’s Justice Center (Now known as the Children's Advocacy Center). Physicians come from around the country just to intern at this nationally-recognized facility to learn all about the various causes of trauma and treatment of such injuries.

Greg received hundreds of hours of training in regard to analyzing the symptoms and causes of trauma. He became an expert at identifying the signs and causes of various forms of abuse and neglect.

Many times, Greg would need to review thousands of pages of medical documents on a single case, from a variety of specialists in order to file requests to the court to request legal action.

Greg received extensive training from agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, just to name a few. Specific training included but are not limited to the investigation of homicides, sexual assaults and abductions. As a certified CLEET instructor, Greg was able to pass on his knowledge and experience to other investigators.
Greg attended and completed the course on the nationally-acclaimed Reed School of Interviewing and Interrogation. This provided him the professional skills necessary to successfully interview all possible parties involved in any type of incident.
Greg's attention to detail resulted in tremendous success in the courtroom with a nearly 100% conviction rate. He received numerous awards over his career for solving very difficult cases.
Greg was equally passionate that justice was applied equally. His investigations helped vindicate countless wrongfully accused persons over his career.

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