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We charge a flat hourly rate in addition to expenses. You will not be charged any hidden fees. Each case has different needs and challenges. This will be discussed during the free case assessment.

We use a combination of personal interviews, use exclusive informational databases and research public and private records to uncover a possible trail to locate someone. We conduct field investigations to locate and interview potential witnesses and collect evidence.

How quickly can you start an investigation?

We can normally initiate the investigation within  24-hours. Once we discuss your case in detail, then an immediate investigation may be deemed necessary.

Is my information kept secret?

Yes, Oklahoma state law requires private investigators to maintain confidentiality of all investigations. This also applies to those individuals who decide not to proceed with an investigation.

Yes, I do collect a retainer. After discussing and reviewing your case with you, I will estimate how much time your case will take and calculate the retainer from that. If I complete the investigation sooner than that, then you be reimbursed  the remaining balance.
If the case will appear to need to proceed past the estimated completion date, you will be notified beforehand. After discussing the findings of the investigation up to that point, we can also discussing your options.

Yes. We store our records indefinitely.

Will someone be made aware that I am searching for them?

Only if you request that. Looking for someone who is intentionally hiding (debts, etc.) is approached differently than someone you feel may be in harm's way.

Which credit cards do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

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